Tonic Ryder W&S FRØ 3 stk

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Model/Varenr.: Tonic Ryder W&S FRØ 3 stk cbd coll
Genotype Indica Auto CBD
THC 4%
Life Cycle 60 days
Flavor Citric fruit
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 600-700 gr/m2 Indoor | 200 gr/plant Outdoor
Odor High
Effect Medicinal
Sex Fem Auto
Lineage Northern Light X Big Bud Auto x Diesel Tonic
BHO Performance 22%
Medicinal Value Very high


The World of Seeds Team is proud to present our first non-photo dependent high CBD content cannabis strain, which we’ve called Tonic Ryder.

This marihuana strain is the result of crossing and selecting a Diesel Tonic with our Northern Light X Big Bud Auto, one of the most renowned

auto strains in our catalogue owing to its great yields, taste and smell, and whose large dense buds covered in a sea of crystals can be hypnotic.

The result is an easy-to-prune plant that is ideal for all types of growers and with yields above a Gram per Watt.

Tonic Ryder has a fairly intense fruity citrus taste that is a pleasure to smoke for any connoisseur or demanding grower.

This plant has ratios of 1 : 2 ( thc:cbd), with a CBD level always higher than THC, producing a highly desirable anti-anxiety and anti-stress effect.

Specially developed for medicinal needs.

Genotype: Indica Auto
Lineage: Northern Light X Big Bud Ryder x Diesel Tonic
Flowering: 60 days from seed to harvest
Yield: 600 to 700 gr/m2 / 200gr plant outdoor
Height: 100-130cm indoor / 200cm outdoor
Smell: Fruity
Taste: Critic
THC: 4%
CBD: 10.5%
Ratio THC:CBD: 1:2 medicinal.


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